duminică, 19 august 2012

Dr. Oetker Ciocco Latte rom și Ciocco Latte alune de pădure - feb 2012

Account Director: Oana Serban 
Account Manager: Alina Bolfos 
Account Executive: Denisa Catana
Strategic Planning Director: Mihaela Tantas
Creative Director: Liviu Turcanu 
Creative Group Director: Ionut Rusu 
Art Director: Ovidiu Juravle 
Copywriter: George Lupeanu
Copywriter: Dan Cretu
Junior Art Director: Daniel Strugariu
Digital Project Manager: Laura Nica 
Social Media Coordinator: Marian Ionescu

Product Manager: Laura Vasile 
Marketing Manager: Stefania Sofronie

The Romanian Police Research and Crime Prevention Institute: Breakout Plan

Advertising Agency: Mercury360, Romania
Group Creative Director: Ionut Rusu
Creative Director: Liviu Turcanu
Copywriter: Dan Cretu
Art Director: Ovidiu Juravle
Illustration: Noper

Samusocial: The warming hanger

Each winter hundreds of homeless people die of cold. This year, Samusocial came to us searching for a quick, inexpensive way to get help. The solution came as The warming hanger. In partner dry cleaners, customers received their clothes on a hanger which also displayed our message asking for clothes donations. People related with the homeless’ need for warm clothes and, by the means of the actual hanger they were holding, they found it easy to help. Their donations gave hundreds of homeless people a chance to survive this winter.

Watch the video too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQdt4Ijm87o

Advertising Agency: Mercury360, Bucharest, Romania
Creative Director: Liviu Turcanu
Creative Group Director: Ionut Rusu
Art Director: Daniel Strugariu
Copywriters: Ruxandra Papuc, George Lupeanu